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Pass UDP traffic without load balancing?

I have IOT sensors reporting data to a server
everything reports to a domain name.

I need to put ha proxy to distribute load using sticky sessions

most IOT sensors use TCP, but some use UDP
I’m ok with just passing UDP through HA proxy without load balancing, but not sure if its possible?

What would HA proxy do if I send UDP traffic, can i just forward it on?..this is my first HA proxy server so perhaps there is something at OS level that does this instead?

No, haproxy does not support UDP.

Thanks, given my scenario, is there a solution you can suggest? or should i be looking at a different solution
I’m not interested in balancing UDP traffic as its so rare, but i just need it to work (forward to 1 server perhaps)

Simplest solution would probably be an iptables DNAT rule.

ok thanks, so HA PROXY the TCP traffic, and IpTables DNAT rule for UDP

Yes, exactly.