Pfsense HAProxy Error when trying to access ACME certificate

After the latest update I can no longer assign an ACME certificate to a HAProxy Frontend, not matter which certificate it is. Error generated is:
Errors found while starting haproxy
[NOTICE] (86157) : haproxy version is 2.7.6-4dadaaa
[NOTICE] (86157) : path to executable is /usr/local/sbin/haproxy
[ALERT] (86157) : config : parsing [/var/etc/haproxy_test/haproxy.cfg:43] : ‘bind’ in section ‘frontend’ : ‘crt-list’ : unable to load certificate from file ‘/var/etc/haproxy_test/HTTPS_Frontend/HTTPS_netch.au_633b5acc820cd.pem’: no start line.
[ALERT] (86157) : config : Error(s) found in configuration file : /var/etc/haproxy_test/haproxy.cfg
[ALERT] (86157) : config : Fatal errors found in configuration.
The certificate is indeed in the folder /var/etc/haproxy_test/HTTPS_Frontend/HTTPS_netch.au_633b5acc820cd.pem and the certificate looks valid

secondly, when did this /var/etc/haproxy_test/haproxy.cfg appear as well as /var/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg

It says it right here, no start line.

Check for correct lines endings too.