Problem at restart HAProxy

Error : haproxy.service: Failed with result ‘exit-code’.

My config :

Global and Defaults ( are for defect )

#Configurando frontend HTTP
frontend Accesos_HTTP
bind *:80
mode http
option httpclose
option http-server-close
option forwardfor
# Protección DDOS
stick-table type ip size 100k expire 30s store conn_rate(3s)
# Cortar la conexión si el cliente hace más de 10 peticiones
tcp-request connection reject if { src_conn_rate ge 10 }
tcp-request connection track-sc1 src
http-request set-header X-Forwarded-Port %[dst_port]
http-request add-header X-Forwarded-Proto https if { ssl_fc }
option httplog
# Reparto de tráfico estático directamente hacia los servidores web.
use_backend nodes80 { path_end .jpg .png .gif .css .js }
default_backend nodes80

#Configurando frontend HTTPS
frontend Accesos_HTTPS
bind *:443
mode tcp
default_backend nodes443

#Configurando ip de web Servidor Apache/Varnish para HTTP
backend nodes80
mode http
balance roundrobin
server web01 check

#Configurando ip de web Servidor Apache/Varnish para HTTPS
backend nodes443
mode tcp
balance roundrobin
stick-table type ip size 200k expire 30m
stick on src
server web01 check

#Acceso a la interfaz de estadisticas
listen stats :4443
mode http
stats enable
stats hide-version
stats uri /
stats refresh 5s
stats auth user:pass

I assume this is from a systemd service. Can you show the entire output of systemctl status haproxy as well as haproxy -vv?