Receive TCP and forward as HTTP

I am trying to take a message (text string, JSON) over a TCP connection on port 8082 and forward it as an HTTP request to an apache server on port 80 (on the same machine). I think my configuration is not right since it is not working =)

frontend sample_httpd
bind *:8082
mode tcp
default_backend sample_httpd
option tcplog
http-request set-method GET

backend sample_httpd
balance roundrobin
mode http
server master check

Sep 20 20:42:28 DR-tracktape haproxy[2147]: [20/Sep/2023:20:42:28.125] sample_httpd sample_httpd/master 1/0/500 0 – 1/1/0/0/0 0/0

You cannot.

You need to receive a HTTP in some form to be able to use HTTP.

Haproxy will not transform a non HTTP protocol into HTTP for you.