Remap URL through HAPROXY 1.6.10

Hello everybody,

I am quite new at using HAPROXY and the version currently in use in my compagny is 1.6.10 (Old isn’t it !!!)
My problem is that I have to create an URL redirection such as this one :
External address : (World access)
Internal address : my_server_url/other_name (internal access)

I tried different methods such as :
acl acl_my_appli base -i
http-request redirect location my_server_url/other_name if acl_my_appli
This didn’t work.
Other method :
acl acl_my_appli base -i
http-request set-header Host my_server_url if acl_my_appli
http-request set-path /other_name if acl_my_appli
This didn’t work as well.

Does anybody have information on the way to make the redirection work correctly.

Thank you.