Send-proxy-v2-ssl option only send ssl version

Hi all,

The proxy protocol v2 spec defines TLV fields carrying ssl info like ssl version, used ciphers and server certificate generation key algorithm. However when activating send-proxy-v2-ssl option the only info I get is the ssl version.

How can I get the other fields ?
I know those data are “optional” in the protocol but is there a way to force haproxy sending them ?

For info I tried with haproxy 1.6.3, 1.7.8 and latest 1.8-dev2 but get the same result.

Thanks for your help.

No, this is not implemented yet (not even in 1.8).

It was only documented in the proxy-protocol (for a future implementation in haproxy), but that’s it:;a=commit;h=01105ac3a88dc0707f976235e1bef199c6758196


Thanks for the info.

Is it planned for a 1.8.x release ? 1.9 ?

Not sure if someone is working on this, no.

Maybe ask Andriy Palamarchuk (the author of the proxy protocol specification updates if he has intentions to implement those in haproxy). You can find his email address in the patch linked from above.


Many thanks for your help !