SSL cannot be terminated

Hi. I terminate various web services. And it works. But I have a problem with one.
My config: frontend http-https bind *:80 bind *:443 ssl crt /etc/haproxy/ -

No problem with unifi:

But i have problem with GFI:

For some reason, when I type into my browser, I get redirected to dtln-edge and as you can see, the problem is with the certificate.

What am I doing wrong ?
UPD: I found the problem is that it doesn’t work because on the gfi web service I make a redirection rule in IIS:

But it worked with nginx

Hello Andrei
Redirections can be done in several ways:

  • HTTP Response 301, 302 etc from your ISS server
  • Javascript that runs in Browsers

haproxy does redirections like any other reverse proxy. I don’t see how your issue could be related to that?

Not sure if related to your issue, but is your application using Websockets?
If it is, you may want to introduce higher values in the default section for timeout tunnel.
Please see: Websockets Load Balancing with HAProxy - HAProxy Technologies

Hope this helps