TCP Log Load Balancing- Graylog Log inputs


HI All,
I am running Graylog cluster behind HAProxy.

HAProxy version : HA-Proxy version 1.5.18

I am load balancing TCP logs on port 12221/tcp. But I am always seeing the logs are going to one node. Equal load balancing is not happening. I think this is due to TCP sticky connection issue. Is there any way to achieve roundrobin balancing from the same source.

My current configuration:

listen syslog-TCP-12221
        mode tcp
        option tcplog
        balance roundrobin
        server glog01 check
        server glog02 check

Please help me with the suitable configuration that will help me load balancing incoming same source logs equally on all nodes. Thanks in advance


Haproxy does not and cannot interrupt a running TCP session. Only a second TCP session will be load balanced to the second server.

How many concurrent connections go through haproxy? If it is just 1, then you won’t be able to load-balance, as haproxy is in TCP mode and does not understand your application protocol (so on request/response could be balanced to a different server).


@lukastribus Thank you for your reply. Its a log collection platform and only establishes a single connection.


No way to loadbalance it then.