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Load Balancing Several rsyslog servers


I have a load balancer with haproxy on it.
i need the logging to be load balanced on several diffrent servers, so each time a diffrent server would be used…
I can use 1 log specification:
log [server1ip]:514 local0

but i want to use a diffrent server each time, so icould load balance it, using a diffrent server for the logs.

i was thinking about something like this:

frontend main
log local0

listen logger
balance roundrobin
server server1 [server1ip]:514
server server2 [server2ip]:514
server server3 [server3ip]:514

but it doesn’t work…

tcpdump -i lo

5:32:47.220741 IP localhost.40149 > localhost.60022: UDP, length 187
15:32:47.220762 IP localhost > localhost: ICMP localhost udp port 60022 unreachable, length 223

any ideas? i am ok with a completly diffrent solution as well…