Translation apache configuration to haproxy

Hello team,

I need your help.
I’m currently install a new platform for a client and i need to translate an apache configuration to a HAPROXY configuration.

I did my frontend and backend and i know i must add some values in my backend but i have an issue with the proxypass. I try a lot of tutorials but each time it’s not working. Someone can help me please ? it’s the first time i work on haproxy…

There is this configuration actually wich i want to translate for use it with HAPROXY

<Location /example>
SetEnvIf Host ^(.*?)(:[0-9]+|)$ custom_host=$1
RequestHeader set x-forwarded-hostname “%{custom_host}e”
RequestHeader set x-forwarded-port PORT_NUMBER
RequestHeader set x-forwarded-proto https

ProxyPass http://my_url:PORT_NUMBER/example
ProxyPassReverse http://my_url:PORT_NUMBER/example

#font fix
Header unset Cache-Control
Header unset Pragma

thanks for your help team.