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What does mean NOSRV?


In my haproxy log, I can see multiple entries like:

Sep 23 15:03:34 localhost haproxy[16197]: IP:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX - 14258 - [23/Sep/2020:15:03:34.737] - http_front - http_front/<NOSRV> - {www.website.com} - 302 - "GET /suggestion-du-mois/ HTTP/1.1"

What does it mean exactly? Is this an issue indicator?


As documented (look for server_name)

If the request was aborted before reaching a server, "<NOSRV>" is indicated instead of a server name. 

It can happen if you redirect, deny, … on the request path, or if no server is available to handle your request.

Thx for the explanation. I checked further the log and indeed I can see that this is indeed redirection (302)