Configure SSL passthrough

Hi All,
I would like to configure HAProxy to handle https passthrough and here is the current configuration:

frontend jiracluster
    mode        http
    bind        *:443 ssl crt /d/d1/jsm/certs/lb.pem
    default_backend     jiracluster

backend jiracluster
    mode        http
    balance     roundrobin

    server server1 centos8-8:8443 ssl verify required verifyhost centos8-8 ca-file /d/d1/jsm/certs/ca.crt
    server server2 centos8-9:8443 ssl verify required verifyhost centos8-9 ca-file /d/d1/jsm/certs/ca.crt

It loaded the login page on https://centos8-7:443 but it redirected to the login page again after typing the username and password, is there any misconfiguration above?

Btw, HAProxy is running on server centos8-7, the lb.pem includes centos8-7, centos8-8 and centos8-9 in DNS section already.



this will not work. verify required means you want client authentication via ssl client certificate. you can’t pass this through haproxy to backend. you can do client auth in frontend and then maybe send user string as HTTP Environment Var