Global Load Balancing using Haproxy

Hi all,

I am new to this group and also to the technology.
Can someone please let me know if we can do a global loadbalancing ( cross datacenter ) using HaProxy.
If yes: Can you share a simple Configuration example or guide me to the documentation where i can refer and create one.
if no : Then why ??

Don’t post questions in the “Configuration Samples” section, this is for people PROVIDING configurations samples, not asking for it.

You can use haproxy in multiple datacenters or with GLB (whatever technology you use), there are no particular restrictions in haproxy that prevent you from doing so.

But it is a little more complex than copy and pasting a example configuration from a forum thread or blog post to your machines. The fact that you shared zero technical requirements and design choices makes me think you did not spent a lot of time with this yet, so my suggestion would be to get commercial support or hire someone who can do this for you.

Apologies lukastribus,

I am new to the group, so please pardon my behaviour. However is there any link i can refer to as an example to do this.

My requirement is simple:

I have 2 linux servers in two different datacenter. I need a round robin load balancing method between them and no ssl offloading required.

Are those 2 linux servers supposed to be the haproxy box, or the backend servers?

Those 2 Linux Servers will be backend servers, and haproxy will run on a separate Server.

Let use the thread in the help section then: