Haproxy Load_balancing a remote sites

Hi everyone,
Sorry, I am newbie in a load_balancing and haproxy. Please help me to configure HaProxy to loadbanacing a Remote sites
(NOT in LAN NETWORK) i said a Remote sites (WAN)(i have a webservers in different places(different NETWORKS) i think the idea is clear!
so if you have any idea about how Please let me know, Thank You.
This is Just a EXEMPLE!!:

In your diagram are you wanting the Server-PT Balancer to have HAproxy installed ?

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Yes sir (cause is the balancer!, is that possible ? if you have another scenario let me know!
Thank You.

As long as the server housing the HAProxy instance can send traffic to the 3 webservers on the remote sites and all your clients connect to the IP that the HAProxy is serving the website address on there should be no issue.

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Thank You sir :slight_smile: