HAProxy and large documents

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One of our customers is using HAProxy 1.5 to balance the load between two Tomcat application servers. I understand HAProxy 1.5 is no longer maintained. They are in the process of migrating to HAProxy 2.6 though. The client is facing issues in production when importing large files (> 200MB) into the Web application. How does one make sure that some connection between HAProxy and one of the two application servers is preserved for the whole duration of the file transfer ?

Is it a matter of enabling “Sticky sessions” in HAProxy ? Where should I start looking for clues ?

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that’s not a matter of sticky sessions. as long as data is send over the open connection you will be connected to “one” backend server.
maybe it’s some timeout? does the upload takes long? have you checked: How to Increase Tomcat Upload File Size Limit - TecAdmin