Haproxy hold file transfer while uploading

Hi, I’ve an haproxy (v2.0.13) in front of 6 web servers loadbalanced with leastconn algorythm.
When files are uploaded to my service in a PUT request, haproxy seems to wait for the file to be completely uploaded before redirecting the request and transfer the file to the web server. This is particularly problematic whith big files (> 1GB) as my web server eventually generate a timeout before receiving any part of the file.
Is that normal behavior for haproxy?
Is there an option in haproxy to “stream” the resquest and file data to the backend server as soon as data start to come in?
I can of course provide more details about my configuration if needed.
Thanks for your help.

Haproxy will always stream the data to the backend server.

How do you come to this conclusion, exactly? Did you capture the traffic both client and server facing and compare the behavior?

Thanks for your answer Lukastribus.
You were right, my dev teams send me to a wrong path with not enough inspected clues. Haproxy correctly stream the file to the web servers. The problem were on their Rest api side were they didn’t capture the flow correctly.
Sorry for the noise and thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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