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HAProxy "ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR" Just started happening

Afternoon everyone, just recently my HAProxy (through pfSense) just started giving this error to external connections. HA Proxy has been up and running for years without issues.

If I browse to the site internally via the external URL it works fine.
If I browse externally, I get Error_SSL_Protocol_Error.

I tried updating the certificate (lets encrypt), updating HAProxy (version 0.60_5).

Not sure where to look and my research has not pointed to a direct cause yet.

Does this traffic actually hit haproxy? Do you have anything in the logs?

I suggest you check routing/NAT/firewall policies.

So while creating a new PfSense VM, I accidentally put the virtual WAN nic on the new VM and it grabbed a new IP.

After rebooting the old pfsense router to get the new IP, everything started working again.

Granted prior reboots did nothing. Somehow changing WAN IP’s fixed it…