HAProxy frontend offloaded certificate association not shown in Pfsense Certificates "In use" column

We are using haproxy-devel 2.4.9-f8dcd9f in our pfSense v2.6.0.

In the pfSense , there is Certificates section (System → Certificate Manager → Certificates). In this section, one of the column is “In Use” which shows where the certificate is offloaded currently. Majorly our certificates are offloaded in HAProxy. So, the “In Use” column should show in which HAProxy frontend the particular certificate is associated.

The behavior currently is, few certificates are showing with which frontend they are associated to. But it is not showing this for all the frontends.

Can you please help us figure out what could be wrong?

You will have to ask pfsense folks. The haproxy community can’t possible know about integration issues in pfsense.