Haproxy + nginx rtmp module

I saw this post[1] I wondered if it is possible to send send-proxy-v2 in this tcp mode to the backend?

When I configure nginx without the proxy_protocol and haproxy without send-proxy-v2. The client seems to connect but the proxy ip is logged.
But when I enable proxy_protocol on the listen in nginx and send-proxy-v2 in haproxy the client refuses to connect and I get this error.

rtmp rtmp/rtmp 1/0/0 0 SD 12/1/0/0/0 0/0

copied this from some site:

frontend rtmp
  bind name rtmp
  mode tcp
  maxconn 600
  default_backend rtmp
backend rtmp
  mode tcp
  balance roundrobin
  #stick store-request src
  #stick-table type ip size 1k expire 20m
  #stick on src
  #source usesrc clientip
  default-server check resolvers dnssvrs1
  #server-template rtmp 3 _rtmp._rtmp.stream.dev._tcp.marathon.mesos maxconn 200 weight 100 resolve-opts allow-dup-ip
  server rtmp rtmp.stream.dev.marathon.mesos:31438 maxconn 200 weight 100 send-proxy-v2


send-proxy instead send-proxy-v2