Haproxy process getting killed

Currently we are running HAProxy 2.0.5 (Open source) on Redhat UBI image on container.

Recently we are facing issues on HAproxy process getting killed inside the container for no reason and we received below error message during that time.

We need expert advise on why this issue is getting generated and is there any bug with this version.

Please advise.

Thread 1 about to kill the process

Yes, there are 652 bugs with this version, among which we have 1 CRITICAL, 35 MAJOR and 252 bugs with MEDIUM severity:


It is likely that you hit one of those bugs. I would suggest an upgrade to the latest bugfix release of a LTS version, as seen here:

This also includes 2.0.26 which would only be a bugfix upgrade from 2.0.5, not a major upgrade.

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Thanks a lot Lukas for the update.

I understand 2.0.5 has many bugs, can we plan to move to latest version 2.0.26 directly.

Also 2.0.26 (latest version) is released recently.
Is it fine to move to latest version 2.0.26 directly or we prefer 2.0.25 version (n-1).

Kindly advise.

2.0.26 directly.

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Thanks a lot Lucas for the timely response.
Happy New year :partying_face: