Haproxy return node instead VIP url at response


I have 2 haproxy servers v1.5.4 with Keepalived on 2 nodes
They share VIP address represented with DNS name abc.domain.com

There are two backend servers with node1 and node2 runing some web servicess.

Service query tested at soapui
http://abc.domain.com:60004/be-business/ToolSuiteBEFacadeService return output which sometimes contain VIP address at response http://abc.domain.com:60004/be-business
and sometimes http://node2.domain.com:60004/be-business

Do you have an advice how to debug the issue and if haproxy release update can help on this?

Im not sure if problem is on haproxy nor WS layer

Frantisek Lev

Where to you see this? In the SOAP xml response?

Haproxy does not know about SOAP and does not replace or modify the responses from the backend. Chances are one of your backend server is configured to return abc.domain.com and the other one node2.domain.com. Because you load-balance between the two, the behavior changes as you hit a different, malconfigured backend servers.