Looking for very basic reverse proxy example with Tomcat on the backend

've got a clean JIRA 7.5.2 install running on CentOS. It uses the default 8080 port for http requests, and I’ve also enabled an SSL certificate to enable https requests on port 8443.

I want to run HAProxy in front as a reverse proxy server, to redirect http:80 -->8080 and https:443 --> 8443.

It looks as if using the very simple “listen” config setting in HAProxy is what I’ll need, however I’m not sure bout how to:

a) Modify the JIRA server.xml file so that the Connector 8443 configuration is properly set to return the correct values for reverse proxy from https (443)
b) How to configure a ‘listen’ entry in the haproxy.cfg file that properly references the SSL certs on my server, to allow for proper forwarding of https requests to the backend server’s SSL listener on 8443.