Multiple Windows RDP Servers Load Balancing from Single Domain

Good day…

Here is the query of the moment…

One domain to one server check(meaning we got this and it works amazingly well)

One domain…multiple servers…uncheck

So a while back we started using HAProxy…Love easy works 100% of the time…Things have grown out of control bigger clients more demand. Good Problem to have

Because we do SSL offloading we use http_mode, however moving forward the scenario needs to be one domain multiple RDP servers on the back end.

Now not 100% sure…yet but I am wondering, can we do load balancing with HTTP mode?

Second if not how do we keep provisioning multiple domains to resolve to single domain multiple server environment.

Ex: frontend
Backend = 192.168.x.1, 192.168 x.2, 192.168.x.3…etc

All backend servers are Windows servers.

Ideas? Suggestions ? Need more info?

Cheers to all!!!