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Stats can't open from hostname

I have bigger questions but can’t access my HAProxy server right now and would prefer sharing all the configuraiton settings. However, I do have a stats question and a seemingly basic stats setup:

listen stats
bind :1936
mode http
log global
maxconn 10
stats enable
stats hide-version
stats refresh 30s
stats show-node
stats auth :
stats uri /

It works fine if I go to but if I go to http://haproxy:1936 or http://haproxy.REMOVED.local:1936 it fails to open. I have my own DNS server and haproxy is in DNS and is set to and it does ping/resolve. Any idea why it’s ownly working with IP?



No, no idea.

The stats socket is certainly not checking or refusing request based on the Host header.

I suggest you make a wireshark capture and check if your browser actually sends the request to this IP.

Working now. Must have taken some time for some reason or something was cached.