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HA Proxy with Floating IP and Keepalived and Domain Alias

Hello everybody,

I would need some help in configuring an HA proxy.

HA Proxy Software: RH-HAProxy18

I would have to build the following config somehow.

						Floating IP with Keepalived
		 (test.server.com - Alias Domain on https 443)
			test1.server.com			        test2.server.com
			IP					IP
			(https 443)					(https 443)
			keepalived					keepalived
			haproxy						haproxy

			webserver1					webserver2
			https 443					       https 443
			IP					IP

Ausgeliefert werden sollte der Content von Webserver 1 und 2 ich bekomme das einfach nicht hin, vielleicht kann mir ja jemand etwas helfen.

Danke und Gruß Andy

Please elaborate.

What’s the configuration, what do you see in the logs, what works and what doesn’t work?

Also please stick to english.