Url_beg acl help

Hi guys,
I need to setup an acl as thus,
acl acl1 url_beg /start/xxx/end
where xxx changes but the start and end remains the same.

What can I use? I am not even sure if url_beg can be used for that. I got a bunch of acls working already but they all have fixed path like /download/now, /upload etc. But I do not know how to write an expression that has a variable in the middle.

Thanks in advance,


i think you should use path_reg instead. this way you can compute a regex matching the path you want.

Something like this (not tested) :

acl acl1 path_reg ^/start/.+/end$


Without using regex, try the following:

acl acl1 { path_beg /start/ } { path_end /end }

Thanks to both of you guys. Both solutions were helpful.